Wholesale of high-quality Electric Mobility Charging Stations designed to meet the needs of professionals, industry operators and renewable energy specialists. We are highly aware of the importance of an efficient and reliable charging system for electric mobility. For this reason, we have selected only the best products on the market, guaranteeing excellent performance, reliability and safety.

Among our products, you will find single-phase 7.4kW and three-phase 22kW recharging stations, which meet the recharging needs of any type of electric vehicle. They are perfect for charging in public, private and commercial locations, and offer maximum flexibility due to their compatibility with all types of charging connectors.

In particular, our 7.4kW single-phase charging station is equipped with a type 2 socket, and offers a simple and cost-effective charging solution, ideal for private use. Its installation is quick and easy, and guarantees a full recharge in just a few hours.

For those looking for a more powerful solution, we recommend our three-phase 22kW charging column, which is available in several options, and is compatible with either a type 2 socket or the CCS Combo 2 socket. Thanks to its high power, this column is able to recharge a large battery very quickly, making it perfect for use in public places with a high frequency of use.

All the products we offer are of the highest quality and have been carefully selected by our experts. In particular, we would like to mention the quality of the products offered by the Silla Industries brand, an industry leader and synonymous with excellence and innovation.

Contact us for more information on our columns and to find the ideal solution for your photovoltaic system.

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